“Dori Jacobsohn’s long history studying, observing, and teaching every aspect of early childhood development—especially language and creative abilities—has proved to benefit preschool educators as they learn to support their students in the best possible ways. She is also a consummate VTS facilitator and has undertaken complex and multi year trainings with teachers in various learning sites; she recently finished a three-year residency at the esteemed Wayne State University Early Childhood Center working with teachers of urban students. She can help teachers in training as well as in-service veterans learn how to use VTS as a tool for language, thinking and social development and learn related studio practices as well. Teachers want these skills and Dori has found ways of quickly building new competencies and confidence in teachers whose practice changes immediately.”

– Philip Yenawine, co-founding director Visual Understanding in Education and author of Visual Thinking Strategies: Using Art to Deepen Learning Across School Disciplines


“We recently invited Dori to Middlebury College to present a workshop about materials exploration to elementary teachers who mentor pre-service teachers about arts integration. The workshop was very successful! The teachers explored the properties of paper before creating fantasy sculptures, which were then photographed on a light table. She asked open-ended questions that promoted an active learning environment that was learner-centered, similar to the VTS methodology that teachers already used to introduce young viewers to looking at works of art.  The teachers were very excited about duplicating the workshop in their classrooms. One teacher noted, “The process was so open-ended that it didn’t hold anyone back.” A second teacher wrote, “The art making was very accessible to students and could be tied into so many different themes/units of study.”

– Sandra Olivo, Former Curator of Education; Middlebury College Museum of Art, Vermont


“I had the good fortune to collaborate with Ms. Jacobsohn as an arts and early education consultant at the Truman College Laboratory School where she worked with teachers and children in both seminars and classrooms to develop appropriate arts curriculum through materials exploration, thoughtful assignments and assessments and an introduction to inquiry and visual thinking techniques appropriate to young children.  In all arenas, that is, as a practitioner, a university teacher and trainer of teachers, Ms. Jacobsohn is an outstanding educator. She has the flexibility and the personal attributes that enable her to work with a wide range of ages and populations.”

– Bonnie Muirhead; Former Professor and Director, Truman College Laboratory School, City Colleges of Chicago


“We are exploring new ways to truly engage our audiences with Field Museum objects that foster critical thinking. Dori’s ability in successfully facilitating Visual Thinking Strategies sessions with parents in a previous project lead me to seek her out for this current endeavor. Dori was superb in facilitating a one-day crash course so that we could test the method during a public program; so much so that we asked Dori to run a session with the Learning Center staff in order to get ideas flowing about how VTS can be leveraged in tandem with the Next Generation Science Standards.”

– Beth Crownover, Director of Learning, The Field Museum of Natural History, Chicago, IL