Our Mission

Our mission is to teach teachers inquiry-based facilitation methods that use art to create language-rich environments in early childhood classrooms.

What We Offer

We offer long-term programs that include coaching: Early Language and Literacies through Art (ELLA), and short-term one or two-day workshops that may be designed for your particular audience, interests, or needs.

Early Languages and Literacies through Art (ELLA)

ELLA is a professional development program that teaches teachers how to facilitate language- rich, open-ended discussions with pre-schoolers. ELLA meets standards, early childhood assessments, and school readiness requirements. It benefits both teachers and learners by offering them the skills needed for a long lasting, sustainable environment of inquiry that transfers across all disciplines and domains in the early childhood classroom.

All professional development programs, long-term or one-day workshops, include:

  • Opportunity to question and be curious
  • Authentic art making and/or viewing
  • Open-ended and participant-centered activities
  • Individual and group work
  • Reflection on personal art making, viewing, and/or facilitation
  • Reflection on experiences with children
  • Meet kindergarten readiness skills needed for the Common Core State Standards
  • Meet Creative Curriculum Pre-school Objectives for Development and Learning

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