unnamedDori Jacobsohn, M.Ed


Dori Jacobsohn specializes in facilitating arts learning methodologies, including Visual Thinking Strategies (VTS), shown to improve language, communication, and critical thinking skills that transfer across disciplines.  She has a special interest in providing visual arts opportunities to beginners, such as the “non-art” classroom teacher, early childhood educators, pre-service education students, and families visiting museums.  She is passionate about using art to empower participants to learn to use their own experiences, ideas, and curiosity to discover meaning.

Her career includes a dozen years as a pre-k and kindergarten teacher, as well as an elementary art teacher. Interested by informal learning in museum education, she coordinated early childhood programming at the Museum of Science and Industry, and later managed studio and family programs at the Terra Museum of American Art. Over the past ten years she continued to design and implement arts professional development programming for early childhood educators while teaching and mentoring undergraduate pre-service students as a lecturer and field work supervisor in Early Childhood Education at Columbia College and Truman College, a City College of Chicago.

Self-portrait at age three

Currently, she brings sustainable professional development opportunities to educators in schools and museums. As a VTS consultant she worked with the Museo Picasso Malaga in Spain to design and implement studio programs, for 3 years she collaborated with Wayne State’s Early Childhood Centers to provide VTS training and coaching for teachers to enhance adult/child interactions and shift thinking to create an environment of inquiry across classroom disciplines, she has led workshops for elementary teachers and students in the Museum Assistants Program (MAP) at Middlebury College Museum of Art in Vermont, and most recently worked with museum exhibit developers and educators at Chicago’s Field Museum of Natural History to find ways to engage visitors to think critically about museum objects.

She holds a BA in Liberal Arts with a concentration in Visual Art from Sarah Lawrence College in Bronxville, NY, studied at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and has an M.Ed in Child Development and Early Education from the Erikson Institute, Chicago.

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